Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets Athletics Club

Friendly east London club for athletes of all abilities

Run for you!

About us

We’re a very friendly athletics club based in Victoria Park, east London. We have a wide range of members, from absolute beginners to world-class athletes. We also have members who specialise in coaching, officiating and timekeeping. If you want to find out more about the club, look at the About section.

Why join us?

Running is a great way to keep fit. It’s even better when you’re part of a running community that motivates, supports and socialises. We also provide you with competitive opportunities, if you want them. And you can try us out absolutely free for two weeks before committing.

How to join

If you’re interested in road running, simply turn up at our clubhouse on a Tuesday or Thursday and be ready to run at 7 pm. Ask for the training organiser and he/she will ensure you’re put with those of similar ability.

If you’re interested in track and field, simply turn up at Mile End Stadium on a Tuesday or Thursday at 6:30 to 7 pm. Ask to speak to one of the VPH&THAC coaches who’ll advise you as to with which group to train.

If you’re interested in joining to get involved more on the organisational side, then email

Apply Online after your two week free trial if you are aged 17 and over. Payment to the club is by Direct Debit, details will be provided upon your application.

Please see below for 16 and under membership.

How much is it?

Membership Category Annual Fee Monthly Fee
Seniors (age 17 and over) using the clubhouse or the track £96 £8.00
Seniors (age 17 and over) using the track only £40 £3.33
Over 60s using either location £50 £4.15
Unemployed using either location £40 £3.33
Disabled using either location £40 £3.33
Full time students using either location £40 £3.33
Second claim Member using either location £25 £2.10
Associate (Social) Member using either location £25 £2.10
Juniors (16 and under) £25 n/a
Siblings of Juniors £16 n/a

Junior Membership

Introducing young people to running, throwing and jumping is one of our most important goals. Most will never be international athletes, but we can all have fun, get fitter and make new friends. Once you are involved with the Club we can provide coaching in every field of athletics. Once with the club if you have a particular talent it will get noticed and we will be able to feed you through to top international coaching and support schemes. If you do well at school in athletics do join with us to nurture your talent in a way that will never be possible through school alone.

We expect parents to attend with children under 11 and do not encourage children under 9 to attend. To expand our activities for this age group we want more parents to get involved but you will be asked to complete our volunteer declaration form as part of our child protection policy.

Please see Alf Vickers or Margaret Nelson at training sessions to become a junior member.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please email