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The Boswall League

What is it?

The Boswall League is an annual league for individual members, based on road and cross-country race performances over the winter season. It begins with the Flowers One Mile Championships every September and is named after Eddie Boswall.

How does it work?

Over the course of the winter there will be 21 races which will count towards the League. Each race has been given a priority rating of A, B or C depending on the relative priority to the team (Cat A being highest priority, and priority is listed for each fixture on the fixtures page). Points will not only be earned on performance within the race but on the relative priority of the race.

How do you score?

In each category C race the first VPH&THAC man home scores 20 points, 2nd VPH&THAC man 19 points and so on down to 20th VPH&THAC man with 1 point. Any men who come in further down the order fail to score. Likewise, the first VPH&THAC woman gets 20 points, second VPH&THAC woman 19 points etc. In a category B race there are an additional 5 points available - i.e. first home scores 25 points, down to 25th place scoring 1 point. In a category A race there are still more points up for grabs - 1st home gets 30 points, with points all the way down to 30th place.

Of the 21 possible races, only your best 15 scores will be counted. So the higher the number of category A races you run, the higher your final points total is likely to be.

How do I compete in the Boswall league?

Every paid up member who competes in any of the races will automatically be included in the League. Additionally we run men’s and women’s Masters Boswall Leagues alongside the main leagues. These will be divided into three separate age bands, 35+, 45+ and 55+. Your age on the 31st December 2013 will be used to determine your age category for the season. Scores will be calculated as for the main league, with medals awarded to the winner in each category. Note that the categories are 35+, 45+, 55+ rather than 35-44, 45-54, 55+ so there is nothing to stop a 55 year old outperforming everyone else to win the 35+ category. You will only be eligible for one medal though - so in the above example the winner of the 55+ medal would be the second highest scorer over 55. Note that the 35+ applies to men as well as women in line with the recent IAAF announcement lowering the age at which men become masters.

Which races count?

This season the following races will count towards the league:

12 x Category A Races (30 runners score):

  • All 5 Met League races
  • All 6 Chingford League races (not the relays)
  • Middlesex cross-country championships

7 x Category B Races (25 runners score):

  • Mike Penman 10 km
  • Eton Manor Mob Match in January
  • Ware Cup
  • North London cross-country championships
  • London cross-country championships
  • Southern cross-country championships
  • National cross-country championships

5 x Category C Races (20 runners score):

  • All 4 club road championships (1 mile, 3.5 miles, 10 miles, 20 miles)
  • Club 5 miles cross-country championships