Prior to 1997, the course was known to be short, which led to a new course that year, about which there was some uncertainty, leading to re-measurement in 1998. This revealed that the original course was short by 266 yards (4 miles and 1494 yards = 7803 metres). This new course was re-measured again in both 2008 and 2018, with slight adjustments made to the start and finish lines for easy recognition. The current, accurately measured 5 mile course is accepted by UK Athletics for records and rankings.

The current men’s record is 23 minutes and 1 second (4:36 mile pace), held by Mumin Gala of Newham and Essex Beagles, and the current women’s record is 26 minutes and 21 seconds (5:16 mile pace), held by Justina Heslop of Clapham Chasers.

The course record is the joint 20th fastest time ever run by a UKA registered runner.