2019 credits

A very big thank you to all the volunteers, suppliers, athletes and spectators who made the 52nd edition of the Victoria Park Open 5 miles such a success.

The pre-event team grew this year along with the number of entries. Vicky Fabbri was our amazing Creative Director and sorted out the commemorative mugs, the posters, the medals and was my deputy on the day; Mandy Dohren created the awesome mug and poster designs; Helen Goddard promoted the event on social media and helped us get more advance entries than the previous few years; Major Carr was instrumental in liaising with the council and navigating the race calendar; the board, particularly Dave Robinson, Faye Jeacocke, Gavin Lau and Cheryl Evans, were very helpful with various pre-event tasks; Susan Leese led the catering, drumming up the bakers, ordering all the bananas and running the refereshments stall on the day and Alf Vickers liaised with Canary Wharf Group on their sponsorship of the event.

On the day, Dave Robinson, Sophie Critchlow, Gavin Lau, Michael Clelland, Naomi Bourne and Ray Russo were at the club bright and early to set up, with Sophie being Chief Steward and making sure that any volunteering gaps were filled. Chairman Dave also sorted out the prize money and the float, helped set up, tidy up and lock up, with a million other jobs in between. Susan Leese and David Wilkey organised and ran the fantastic refreshments stall, ably assisted by Sarah Beaumont and Amy Blackburn Lau, with many of the cakes baked by the volunteers.

Gemma Dunlop, Naomi Bourne, Agata Slota, Sophie Critchlow and Hugh Murdoch were our efficient registrars, getting everyone registered and taking on the day entries. George Dewhirst and Gavin Lau kept the bags secure, with Gavin also setting out the mile markers with Michael Clelland. Andrew Barrington, Sim Bennett and Brenda Puech were our fantastic lead cyclists, with Andrew also being Chief Marshal and Brenda making sure that the wheelchair athletes had everything they needed. Out on the course were those marshals, braving the cold for a couple of hours: June Barrow-Green, Andrew Bates, Sim Bennett, Mick Cairns, Michael Clelland, Philippa Cockman, Rob Collier, Katy Kaspari, Vanessa P., Ray Russo and Ellie Tait. At the finish were Len Williams, Chairman Dave and Malcolm French, taking backup manual results, Malcolm also being the UK Athletics Event Adjudicator, with Michael Clelland marshalling and Marlis Haase and Mordi running the water and banana stand just after the finish. Photos were taken by Tony Payne and you can buy high-resolution digital copies from him.

A massive thank you to Dennis Lisbygd from Race Timing Solutions, our new chip timer, who did a phenomenal job on timing what is a very complex event, with a separate start and finish, and multiple races in quick succession. The results were online almost immediately and processed to help make the medal ceremony seamless.

A big thank you too to Andy Bevan from First Aid Cover, who was our great cycle response medic and sweeper, making sure that everyone stayed safe and well throughout the day. We also had at least two doctors (Philippa and Mordi) and three first aiders (Susan Leese, David Wilkey and Ray Russo), which is very reassuring for any Race Director.

Thanks to our other suppliers, who were Total Merchandise for the commemorative mugs, Stacy and Son for the race numbers and Wheelers Custom Made Medals for the medals.

We are also very grateful to Canary Wharf Group PLC for returning as the race sponsor and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets for giving us permission to hold the race.

Thanks also to the athletes and spectators who made the journey to Victoria Park, both locals and those from further afield.

I hope that’s everyone; if I missed you out please contact me and I’ll update this post.

Hopefully see you again next year!

Joe Feltham Race Director

Credits on the VPHTHAC Facebook group