Course and facilities

The course (PDF)consists of two figure-of-eight laps plus 245.5 metres, giving exactly five miles in total, as certified by the Association of UK Course Measurers. A detailed course map is included in the Association of UK Course Measurers Summary Report. The course is mainly level and smooth, and is suitable for wheelchair racers.

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Mile Positions

  • START: Northern Drive, by second tree on right after bench, north of Queen’s Gate.
  • 1 mile: Central Drive, 11.7 m before first bench on left after playground.
  • 2 miles: Southern Drive, 24.0 m past last bench on right before turn at Saint Mark’s Gate.
  • Halfway: Northern Drive, 0.8 m before line between two plane trees either side of Drive.
  • 3 miles: 3 m past lamp-post V58 on corner near Saint Mark’s Gate.
  • 4 miles: Southern Drive, 1.2 m before litter bin on right, approximately 130 m before Gunmaker’s Gate.
  • FINISH: Northern Drive, 2.3 m before south-west edge of cross paths.


The following facilities will be available at the VPH and THAC clubhouse (St. Augustine's Hall, Cadogan Terrace, London, E9 5EG).

  • Male and female changing facilities, showers and toilets
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet
  • Secure baggage storage
  • Refreshments